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Always so friendly and go out of their way to answer questions. Very professional and have the latest in technology! Just all around great customer service!

I am quite pleased with the continuous fine treatment
that I receive from Miller Othodontics. If I knew anyone who
needed help with their teeth I would highly recommend them!
Love the treatment by their staff and friendliness
of all. Thank you very much!

My daughter, who is 7, is getting expanders put in. During the visit, the top expander was installed and the decision to wait for the installation of the bottom expander was discussed. The visit went well but was becoming a little overwhelming for her, which prompted the discussion. Since she is so young and the change is fairly drastic for her, they explained that it would be better to allow her to adjust to the top expander and then come back to finish the bottom and this will help keep the experience a positive one. We appreciated the concern of what was in her best interest .

We appreciate all the staff at Miller, and their excellent care.